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Welcome to the Zero Gravity Websites Showcase, where we take pride in presenting a collection of our past projects.

Each website here is a testament to our commitment to excellence, creativity, and client satisfaction. Explore our diverse portfolio, and envision the possibilities for your own online presence.

UNR Automotive

Industry: Automotive Services

UNR Automotive, located in Central Leicester, focuses on diagnostic services, repairs, and manufacturer-specific maintenance tailored for Audi, SEAT, SKODA, and Volkswagen vehicles.

Client Goals

Fill the service bays, attract more female customers, be positioned as experts, enable customers to book online, be trusted as a family business, be known as VW Group Specialists, demonstrate a high level of customer service.

The Process


UNR Automotive grappled with underutilised service bays, particularly among ideal female customers, due to a lacklustre website. The site lacked key features, hindering customer engagement and impacting overall business.


To address this, we streamlined the online booking process, introduced a welcoming video header, and revamped the website. Emphasis was placed on showcasing expertise, services, and projecting a caring, family business image.


These changes resulted in a tangible reduction in no-shows, a substantial surge in online bookings, and a notable increase in new customers. The positive transformation translated into consistently busy workshops at UNR Automotive.

Shaun Malin Electrical

Industry: Electrical Services

Shaun Malin Electrical, based in Leicestershire, UK, specialises in heating control installations and electric vehicle charger setups, along with comprehensive electrical testing and maintenance for various settings.

Client Goals

Shaun aims to shift his electrical service offerings from the lower-end domestic market to more premium segments that appreciate high-quality work. He also seeked to establish a professional online presence to enhance his credibility and attract more customer referrals.

The Process


Shaun's challenges included competing with inexperienced electricians, having no online presence or website, a fear of technology, lack of marketing content, and difficulty finding a reliable web designer.


The solution was to develop a bold, simple, and colourful website that matched his branding. The site positions Shaun as an expert, clearly displaying his services, accreditations, and customer testimonials to build trust.


The new website was met with approval from Shaun, who made minimal changes to it. This led to an increase in bookings for high-worth projects, well in advance, showcasing the success of the new strategy.

Murphy’s Ground Maintenance

Industry: landscaping and ground maintenance

Murphy’s Ground Maintenance provides a variety of services including landscaping design, general grounds maintenance, and winter services like gritting and snow clearance. They cater to both commercial and industrial sectors. The company is based in the UK, serving various regions with a focus on professional and timely service.

Client Goals

The client is keen on building lasting relationships with commercial landlords, aiming for repeat business by reducing paperwork and ensuring high-quality service. They plan to streamline their operations to handle projects more efficiently from start to finish. Looking ahead, they want to set up an office-based management system and launch an e-commerce platform to sell industry-related products.

The Process


Developers frequently encounter reliability issues with contractors who fail to adhere to project specifications, leading to partially completed or incorrect work. This often results in delays and the difficult task of sourcing reliable replacements. Commercial landlords also struggle with excessive paperwork and the urgent need to address maintenance issues to avoid fines.


Luke offers a reliable solution by stepping in where others have failed, providing detailed assessments and corrective plans at competitive prices. For landlords, he simplifies the process, minimising paperwork and ensuring high-quality, timely service. His approach is to be upfront, honest, and responsive, handling everything from emergency call-outs to regular maintenance.


The new website clearly communicates these solutions, offering developers and landlords a straightforward way to engage Luke’s services. It effectively showcases how Luke can alleviate their stress by handling projects efficiently from start to finish, ensuring compliance and satisfaction, thus building a strong, trust-based relationship with his clients.

Wood Street Optical

Wood St Optical, located in Earl Shilton, Leicester, UK, is an independent optician specialising in high-quality eye and hearing care services, offering niche eyewear, advanced technology, and expert optical services.
Client Goals

Wood St Optical aims to broaden their customer base by attracting clients who appreciate precision and high-quality care. They seek to establish a more professional online presence to enhance their credibility, streamline booking processes, and increase referrals and conversions. Additionally, they want to appeal to a younger audience while dispelling misconceptions about independent opticians being more expensive and unable to supply major brands like Ray-Ban.

The Process


Wood St Optical faced several issues with their existing website. The booking system was not linked, causing inefficiencies. The site, built on Wix, did not effectively represent their brand, was confusing for users, and was not mobile-friendly, leading to poor conversion rates and sporadic traffic. Additionally, potential customers had misconceptions about pricing and brand availability.


The solution was to create a mobile-friendly website that accurately represents Wood St Optical’s brand. A streamlined booking system was integrated, and the site was designed with a clear, user-friendly interface. Accessibility features were added to ensure inclusivity. The new website includes a blog to increase visibility for updates and events. Modern design elements were incorporated to attract a younger audience.


The newly launched website is set to enhance booking efficiency and user engagement. It is expected to lead to higher conversion rates and increased traffic. The site aims to attract a more premium segment of clients, including a younger audience, boosting the clinic's reputation and client base. With the addition of a blog, Wood St Optical can keep clients informed about updates and events, further engaging and retaining their audience.

Our Approach

At Zero Gravity Websites, every project is a unique journey.

We tailor our solutions to meet the specific needs of each client, ensuring a website that not only looks great but also performs seamlessly.

Our approach involves:


We work closely with clients to understand their vision and goals.


Our designs are crafted with a perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality.

Responsive Design

Websites that look stunning on all devices for an optimal user experience.

SEO Optimisation

Implementing strategies for improved visibility on search engines.

Client Satisfaction

The success of our projects is measured by the satisfaction of our clients.

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