Hosting & Maintenance Plan

Our All-In-One Orbit Care Solution

Maintaining a thriving online presence requires more than just a stunning website – it demands continuous care, updates, and vigilant monitoring. At Zero Gravity Websites, our WordPress Maintenance Plan is designed to keep your digital space hosted and optimised.

Why Opt for Our WordPress Maintenance Plan?

Plugin Updates

We take care of the technical details, regularly updating plugins and ensuring they remain compatible with the latest WordPress version.

Proactive Protection

Our maintenance plans include regular backups and data protection measures to safeguard your website from unexpected events

High-Quality Hosting

Offering fast loading, high uptime, robust security, and reliable performance, ensuring an optimal website presence.


Why Regular Maintenance Matters

Enhanced Performance

With our combined maintenance and hosting, your website not only performs better but also loads faster, ensuring a seamless experience for your visitors.

SEO Ranking Improvement

Regular updates, maintenance, and optimised hosting collectively enhance your website’s search engine rankings, attracting more organic traffic.

Peace of Mind

Our comprehensive maintenance and hosting plans provide you with the confidence to focus on your business, knowing your website is secure, fast, and reliably managed.

Secure Your Digital Investment

Invest in the longevity and performance of your digital space with Zero Gravity Websites WordPress Maintenance and Hosting Plan.

Our all-in-one solution ensures that your website is not only up-to-date and secure but also delivers exceptional performance.

Embrace a worry-free online presence with a service that combines quality maintenance and superior hosting, reflecting the dedication and care you invest in your business.


Orbit Care details and Pricing

Designed to ensure the continued hosting, functionality, security, and performance of your website.

We provide premium hosting services, ensuring high-speed performance, enhanced security, and reliable uptime for client’s websites. This top-tier hosting solution optimises functionality and user experience, ideal for businesses seeking a professional online presence with minimal technical hassle.

We handle all plugin (software) and theme updates, ensuring compatibility with the latest web technologies.

Ongoing security updates to minimise the risk of hacks, complemented by our robust hosting security measures.

With regular backups and our reliable hosting infrastructure, your data is safer and can be readily recovered in case of any issues.

Through our hosting service, experience faster load times and improved website stability, alongside regular WordPress theme updates.

Should your website encounter any functionality or performance issues, you have access to experienced developers and hosting experts.

Plugin updates, compatibility checks, and performance monitoring are all streamlined with our integrated hosting, providing a holistic solution for your website’s needs.

Starting at £29 per month

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